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[MCPENEWS] MCPE is now 3x faster

Tommaso said on Twitter that MCPE is now 3x faster than 0.8.1. We're not sure if this only applies to multi-core devices or also applies to single-core devices
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[MCPENEWS] New World Generator

Johan is testing the new World Generator and it works properly so now he can add the different biomes to Minecraft Pocket Edition

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[MCPENEWS] Better Grass in 0.9.0

Johan Bernhardsson has improved the quality of the grass textures and made the tall grass brighter and less laggier.

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[MCPENEWS] New blocks in 0.9.0

Johan Bernhardsson posted a picture of some of the blocks which includes:

- Cocoa Pods
- Double Tall grass
- Large Ferns
- Stained Clay
- Andesite, Granite, etc.
- Acacia, and Dark Oak wood
- The new 1.7 flowers
- Vines
- Red Sand
- Stained Clay
- Hardened Clay
- Podzol
- Mycelium
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I am now back to continue working on the blog. I have been absent for the past few weeks because i was focusing on my school activities and academics. Now that this school year has ended, i can now focus on the blog and forums again without any problems.


[MCPESERVER] BlazeCraft - Amazing Server

Welcome to BlazeCraft.

This MC:PE server has tons of mini-games and has different worlds that you can play. The server only has 10 slots but might increase if you may kindly donate.

Join the server:
IP: PE.BlazeCraft.eu
Port: 19129

Owner's Twitter: @_MrBlaze_
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