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[MCPENEWS] MCPE is now 3x faster

Tommaso said on Twitter that MCPE is now 3x faster than 0.8.1. We're not sure if this only applies to multi-core devices or also applies to single-core devices
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[MCPENEWS] New World Generator

Johan is testing the new World Generator and it works properly so now he can add the different biomes to Minecraft Pocket Edition

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[MCPENEWS] Better Grass in 0.9.0

Johan Bernhardsson has improved the quality of the grass textures and made the tall grass brighter and less laggier.

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[MCPENEWS] New blocks in 0.9.0

Johan Bernhardsson posted a picture of some of the blocks which includes:

- Cocoa Pods
- Double Tall grass
- Large Ferns
- Stained Clay
- Andesite, Granite, etc.
- Acacia, and Dark Oak wood
- The new 1.7 flowers
- Vines
- Red Sand
- Stained Clay
- Hardened Clay
- Podzol
- Mycelium
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I am now back to continue working on the blog. I have been absent for the past few weeks because i was focusing on my school activities and academics. Now that this school year has ended, i can now focus on the blog and forums again without any problems.


[PCNEWS] Snapshot 14w07a

Notable changes for everybody:
  • Added iron trapdoors
  • You can now share to lan for spectator mode only
Notable changes for mapmakers:
  • A resourcepack can now be bundled with a map, put it in the map save directory and name it “resources.zip”
    • Example: ".minecraft/saves/TheMapWithTheThing/resources.zip"
  • The commands /testfor, /testforblock and /clear can now test for partial matches of NBT lists
    • Example: /testfor @p {Inventory:[{Slot:6b,id:"minecraft:diamond_sword"}],SelectedItemSlot:6}
  • Scoreboard objectives for fake players with a name starting with # will never show up on the sidebar
  • New /scoreboard subcommands /scoreboard operation and /scoreboard test
  • The command /scoreboard operation can apply arithmetic operation to scores (+ – * / %) and accumulate player scores
    • Example: /scoreboard players operation #teamscores redScore += @a[team=red] blueKills
  • The command /scoreboard test can be used to test if a scoreboard value is between a min and a max value
    • Example: /scoreboard players test #global anObjective 12 19
  • New command /execute to execute commands in the context and at the position of other entities or players
    • Example: /execute @e[type=Chicken] ~ ~ ~ fill ~-1 ~-1 ~-1 ~1 ~1 ~1 minecraft:glass
  • New selector parameters for entity selectors to detect entity rotations with rxm – x rot min, rx – x rot max, rym – y rot min, ry . y rot max
    • Example: @a[rxm=-15,rx=15,rym=-45,ry=45]
  • Players in team can now have a team based objective shown on the sidebar, depending on the team color
    • Example: /scoreboard objectives setdisplay team.yellow anotherObjective
  • While debug overlay is on (press F3 to turn it on and off), looking at a block in the world will show the coordinates of that block
  • BlockItem instances can now hold a custom NBT tag that is merged into a block entity when it’s placed
    • Example: /give @p command_block 1 0 {BlockEntityTag:{Command:"setblock ~ ~ ~ minecraft:diamond_block"}}
  • In creative mode, players can create a copy of a BlockEntity in their hotbar, including all NBT data, with ctrl+[PICK_KEY] (usually ctrl+middle mouse button)
  • The /tellraw command can now insert values from scoreboards into messages
    • Example: /tellraw @p {text:"Have ",extra:[{score:{name:"Searge",objective:"reward"}},{text:" diamonds"}]}
  • New command /testforblocks to compare two areas of a map
    • Example: /testforblocks 100 64 100 107 69 107 0 64 0 masked
  • Dispensers will place a commandblock instead of shooting it out
  • Nametags for players in other teams can now be hidden with a team option
    • Example: /scoreboard teams option red nametagVisibility hideForOtherTeam
Bugs fixed in this snapshot:
  • [Bug MC-36947] – /weather clear
  • [Bug MC-44489] – /kill @e doesn't kill ender dragons
  • [Bug MC-45773] – Chest not spawning in Monster dungeons
  • [Bug MC-46559] – Spectating a mob leaves you at two blocks tall view
  • [Bug MC-46838] – testfor NBT parsing error
  • [Bug MC-47520] – Standing under block with water / lava on top will apply blue / red filter.
  • [Bug MC-47543] – Items stacked with Items that have PickupDelay set to 32767 can no longer be picked up
  • [Bug MC-47545] – CanPlaceOn does not work with wooden doors
  • [Bug MC-47555] – Cannot place boats
  • [Bug MC-47596] – Items of the same type (IE, stone and stone) ignore datavalues and stack anyway
  • [Bug MC-47598] – The color of sugar canes doesn't change depending on the biome
  • [Bug MC-47636] – Boats appear to be sunken in water
  • [Bug MC-47642] – Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4
  • [Bug MC-47653] – torch causing missing texture when placed on bottom side of block
  • [Bug MC-47685] – Hopper: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 3
  • [Bug MC-47817] – Baby Zombie Pigman Running with Strange Speed
  • [Bug MC-47821] – Ghasts do not despawn in Peaceful Mode
  • [Bug MC-48043] – Held Blaze Rod not in hand

    Cross-platform server jar: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/14w07a/minecraft_server.14w07a.jar
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[MCPENEWS] Water-Dripping Particles

The MCPE dev team will add water-dripping particles in 0.9x

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[PCNEWS] Minecraft Snapshot 14w05a

Notable additions for survival:

Book copying mechanics has been altered to differentiate the original & copies of books
Activator rails can eject entities from Minecarts
Notable additions for mapmakers:

Added a spectator gamemode (/gamemode spectator). Not 100% finished.
Spectators cannot be seen by anybody but other spectators
Spectators can view inventories/etc, but not modify them
Spectators can go through any entity or block without interfering with it
Spectators can click on entities to take their camera
Spectators cannot use items, place blocks, destroy blocks or interact with blocks in any way
Spectators are only slightly buggy maybe sometimes

Bugs fixed in this snapshot:

[Bug MC-38944] – Joining Realms World "Cancel" Button Mis-Placed
[Bug MC-44521] – @a, @e, and any UUID references work incorrectly after a player dies.
[Bug MC-45050] – /fill … skull | Hitbox Bug
[Bug MC-45159] – Blocks with tile entities don't get removed when you clone / fill an airblock to their position.
[Bug MC-45453] – Items & Blocks placed in item frames are rendered incorrectly
[Bug MC-45470] – Items don't render on the ground properly
[Bug MC-45478] – Pre-snapshot14w04a villagers break crops but don't replant them
[Bug MC-45492] – Transparent blocks are much darker
[Bug MC-45554] – Two tall flowers variants are not generating.
[Bug MC-45763] – Some blocks are facing the wrong way if placed in an Item Frame
[Bug MC-45764] – Map will not show in item frame
[Bug MC-45795] – Villagers can not place or pick up any crops
[Bug MC-45847] – /summon Villager Farmer NBT tag canPickUpLoot will default to 0

To get snapshots, open your launcher and press the “New Profile” button. Call it “snapshots” and check the box saying “Enable experimental development snapshots” and save. To switch to the normal version, you can select it in the dropdown at the bottom left corner of the launcher. Back up your world first or run the game on in a different folder (See the “new profile” dialog). Snapshots can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-Platform server jar: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/14w05a/minecraft_server.14w05a.jar

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[MAP] Buoyzure

Singleplayer Storyline Introduction:
Engage in an epic adventure of truth and definition as you, Griffin Engel, struggle to gain a heroic repuation and save your community from a deathly curse. 
Multiplayer Stroyline: (Same story except altered for 2 main characters)
Griffin Engel and Lance Engel, sons of a late wealthy father, have lost hope in their lives after being left alone. When they are given a task by the Oracle in their basement, they spring into action and take advantage of the offer.
The download button will bring you to a dropbox page with 3 different versions of the map. You can choose from singleplayer easy mode, singleplayer hard mode, and multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode is 2 player only. Simply click/ tap the version you want and choose “download”.
The rules are in the map, so without further ado, go embark on the greatest adventure in Minecraft: Pocket Edition yet! 
Credits are at the end of the map as well.
Please do not give this map away on other websites, although you may link this MCPEUniverse link to share with friends!
Side Notes:
-The “Make a Wish” chest is supposed to be empty, so don’t report it as a bug please. It is symbolic.
-If the download contains a “MAC OSX” folder or something similar, just ignore it and put the world file in your minecraftworlds folder.
Last Update- January 6th, 2014 6:49 EST
Version 1.0.2: Fixes some overly difficult climbing.
To update your existing map, simply re-download the map and drag & replace the chunks.dat file from the newly downloaded version to your existing map file. 
This will reset all redstone alternatives, which should not be an issue unless you are on multiplayer and each player is on a different side of the redstone door. Feel free to break blocks if this issue occurs.

Download Map

Creator: SerperiorCraft
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[MCPENEWS] 0.9 Performance and Caves confirmed

Tommaso confirmed the release of caves in 0.9 and how 0.9 will affect your
performance on devices

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