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Yellow bouncing text

The new developer for MCPE, which is Tommaso Checchi, added a new feature - which is the yellow bouncing text

                                                      And here's proof.

the Minecraft - Pocket Edition forums!

This is my second time advertising this amazing forums, but i just want it to be at its climax stage like
what JackFrostMiner did.

Here are what you can see here:
1. Shoutbox for everyone to chat

2. Discussion section - For everyone to talk about MCPE

3. Maps and Modding section - To check out the latest maps and mods. You can post your own map here too!

4. Servers section - To see all the servers posted by people. You can advertise your server here.

5. Off-Topic section - To talk about non-MCPE related stuff

Register on the forums to see more content and have more friends!!!
Join the MCPE forums here!

0.7.2 is out!!!

0.7.2 is out in the Apple App Store and in Google Play and here are what's new in the latest update:

Version 0.7.2
- Unicode keyboard support, chat in more languages!
- Clients' armor is saved on server
- Realms bug fixes
- A few more bug fixes :)
- Higher friction while flying