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How to add PocketMine-MP servers on 0.7.4

Ever since Mojang took down Pocket-Mine, their servers are still available, so here's a tutorial on how to add servers (Like LBSG) on 0.7.4

Tutorial: https://github.com/PocketMine/PocketMine-MP/wiki/How-to-add-servers

[NOTE]: The website is currently down and it will be back online again in a few hours.

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0.7.4 release date

Johan Bernhardsson stated that the 0.7.4 update might be released on Monday.

[Fun Fact]
- The update is now available for Android and Amazon users


[Succeeded]Pocket-Mine Realms are closed and out of service

A while ago on Twitter, the Pocket-Mine team tweeted that they'll be shutting down Pocket-Mine for good until Mojang lets them be online again. But Johan still allowed them to join servers by external IP on 0.7.4. You can still play on some LBSG servers by putting their external IP

Update: the Pocket-Mine team has now released a compatible version for 0.7.4

Follow the Pocket-Mine staff on Twitter
Johan Bernhardsson's Twitter


0.7.4 is out and 0.8.0 is started! Yay!!!

0.7.4 is out!!! But only for amazon devices.....lol and as you can see Mojang AB is already working on the 0.8.0 update and they are having problems at the moment haha. Hopefully they finish it quick :D People have been waiting a long time for the 0.8.0 update because it is said to contain some redstone and/or infinite worlds....which are also rumored to be in 0.9.0

Minecraft:Xbox 360 Mash-up pack

Hey guys 4jang tweeted that the first mash up pack trailer will be released this week.
 Those who are wondering a Mash-up pack makes Minecraft look like another game, so basically Textures + Skin Pack + User inference + Music + also Themed world .

So excited

~ BeatGaming(Nathan)

New admin - Falkirks

Hello everyone,

I'm helping out Spartan on the blog while he is busy.
A little background about myself: I work on both Minecraft PE Forums and MCPE YouTubers Forums as a staff member, I am an avid contributor to Minecraft Wiki. I do some coding and web design work around a few test projects of mine and other sites. I don't have YouTube or Twitter for my you to look at (just personal use) but I go by Falkirks and Falkirknh so if you see anyone with that username it probably is me :p

In the real world I am hugely obsessed with Shakespeare and have read a lot of his plays (I tried to count but it was no use). I act in a variety of theatre with my school and other stuff. Other than that I love camping, reading and of course MINECRAFT :D

I'm also a world class troll :p

So, if anyone wants to see something new on the blog just comment below and I will try to set it up for you!


MCPE enderman concept

So i was browsing through my twitter feed and someone that i was following posted this concept picture of a enderman is MCPE, this picture is blury so there's nothing i can do about that and it looks like the concept was for made in version 0.4.0


Flint and Steel in Creative mode will be in 0.8.0

Tomasso Checchi replied to someone on twitter saying that in 0.7.4 (the current version we are in now) that you could ignite TNT using lava.
For more info follow tomasso checchi on twitter @_tomcc


So finally we get some Minecraft news on the Playstation, so it is official that it will be called Minecraft Playstation Edition and there is a concept picture of what it will look like on the playstation (very similar to Xbox)

If you want more info follow @MCPSNews on twitter


Already on it and done!

It turns out that when looking at realms they found 3 crash bugs in 0.7.3, but they already took care of it in 0.7.4 :D So if you had a problem with Minecraft Pocket Edition crashing when on a server or lbsg, they have now fixed it so hopefully it wont happen again.
They are on a role, anyways 0.7.4 should be out by Monday next week if not sooner or later.

Minecraft:Xbox 360 TU12 update released

Hey guys the new Minecraft:Xbox 360 TU12 update has been released.

It came with a lot of new cool stuff such as

New Mobs

- Ocelot/Cat
- Iron Golem
- Baby Villager

New Items

- Redstone Lamp
- Jungle Wood Stairs
- Jungle Wood Half Slab
- Jungle Wood Block
- Jungle Wood Planks
- Jungle Tree Sapling
- Ocelot Spawn Egg
- (Creative Mode only) Chiseled Stone Brick
- (Creative Mode only) Mob Heads (Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, Zombie, Human and Creeper)

New Member!

We now have a new member! Me :D I'll be handling most of the update posts, so ya :p......have a nice day haha

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New World generator for PC Minecraft

(Taken from the post; i did not make this)

Hey hey!

I thought it was time I gave you an update on the world generator changes we’ve been working on. The last time we did any major changes to the generator was back in March 2012, when the jungle biome was added.

In case you don’t know what a “biome” is, it’s a climate zone used in the game to set what kind of surface the ground has (sand? grass?), whether it should rain or snow, what trees grow there, and sometimes also what kind of animals that are allowed to spawn there. The biome is also used to determine how hilly it should be, although this is a technical solution because biomes are generated before the elevation (the old generator created the elevation first, and decided on biomes based on elevation).

One reason why we rarely do changes to the world generator is because every little change off-sets the world seed and causes noticeable borders between new and old terrain. A lot of people don’t mind about these borders, but we still want to avoid creating them. So, in order to avoid needing to change the world generator again in the nearest future, we try to do as many changes now as possible.

There have been three main problems we have wanted to address:

-Too large oceans
-Too uneven/random biome placement
-Not enough variation
-The solution to these problems have been,

-Tweaks to add more islands and checks to avoid huge oceans
-Biomes have been put into four main categories: snow-covered, cold, medium, and dry/warm. -Biomes will avoid getting placed next to a biome that is too different to itself (sometimes this still happens, but it’s very rare now and not all over the place)
-We’ve added a whole bunch of new biomes…
… and most biomes have uncommon/rare variations that you may run into
-We’ve also added a bunch of new terrain features, such as new flowers and trees

We’re not done yet, but here’s something to give you an idea of what has happened

 1.6 Biome Map

 1.7 Biome Map

Mojang Blog post


Flint n steel in creative

Tommaso Checchi recently posted on twitter that flint n steal might be in creative in 0.7.4/0.8.0 and will be used against creepers to blow them up in MCPE, its not comfirmed yet.



Hi im peterChubsIOSgaming also known as chubs or peter and i am the new author/blogger.

I will take care of the Minecraft PE and Playstation updates, I probably wont post that much (yet) cause there's not that much news for Minecraft on the consoles



Good News
 I'm a new Author/Developer For this new Website!
Welcome- AntVenommcpe
 So i will be Posting News,Maps,Mods, and TPs for MCPE!
I will post most of the time!
So Follow me on these site

New Author

As of this moment, the blog now has a new author:

From this day forth, he'll be handling PE and PC updates (same as me), and also do spotlights for mods, tutorials, texture packs, skins, etc.

Also, i'll be adding another author to handle updates for the consoles (PS4, PS3, PSVita, Xbox 360, and Xbox One)

Hiring a second author

My friend on Twitter suggested that the blog must also do other updates from other versions of Minecraft. So as of this time, i'm hiring someone to handle PC Minecraft updates and Xbox 360 updates.

Click here to see the thread about registering to be a second author.

Website Changes

As you may have noticed, i made some changes to this site. Now it features:

1. Sections (Home, Announcements, Latest MCPE updates, Partners, and Contact Details)
2. Sidebar image (For random funny images)
3. Sidebar text (For shoutouts, greetings, etc.)
4. Sidebar list (For the features of the next update)
5. Total page views
6. Whole new design

I may be adding and changing more stuff soon :D


Minecraft - Pocket Edition trivias

1. In the lite version, Oak trees had Spruce tree logs, depending on your world. It is unclear if this is a bug or if it is intentional.
2. Players can have skins on the iOS version and Android and the lite version by replacing char.png in the app file. However, the chosen skin will appear as another player's skin if playing over local Wi-Fi.[16]
3. In the demo video, before the game was released, smooth lighting was available. It was taken out due to bugs being produced on a wide range of devices. As of 0.7.0, it is on by default and can be toggled in Options under the "Experimental" section, meaning that it is still under testing.
4. Worlds played before 0.3.0 update had the other wool and sugar cane (block).
5. The terrain.png file in the APK file found on Android devices is nearly identical to that in the PC version, containing textures for items unimplemented in the Pocket Edition (e.g., cauldron, End Portal).
6. It is possible to play multiplayer over Bluetooth even though it is not coded into the game.Tutorial here. (not available since iOS 6)
7. The Indev wall is also cut by the height limit allowing players to go over it.
8. By placing ladders on the TOP of blocks at the edge of a map (stacking ladders on the top of ladders also works) it is possible to place ladders on the Indev wall as if it were a solid block.
9. Blocks that "snap to" other blocks such as torches, glass panes, and fences will "snap to" the indev wall as if it were an existing block. Torches only do this if an attempt is made to place them on a block they can't be placed on such as ladders.
10. The rose is textured to a cyan color. Even though its considered a rose, it cannot be crafted into dye; rose red dye is obtained by smelting red mushrooms instead.
11. If you have any kind of modifier or command to give yourself any item in the Minecraft entity folder (e.g. iron door) the background of the non-existing entity will appear red meaning it does not exist or was never meant to.
12. The average placing/destroying block range is 4-6 on the PC version but for the iOS/Android is 6-9.
13. Baby animals are in Pocket Edition, but spawn naturally (or with spawn eggs in Creative); animals cannot be actually bred yet.
14. Skeletons are significantly less accurate in Pocket Edition than PC or Xbox, making them easier to fight.
15. Zombie Pigmen are missing the hat layer of their texture on their heads.
16. Zombie Pigmen are NOT neutral in Pocket Edition. They will attack you on sight, and inflict heavy damage in groups. Considering they only spawn from the Nether Reactor, this means they can be very difficult to fight: You must collect the items as well as deal with the Zombie Pigmen, while in a relatively small space.
17. In Creative mode, there are spawn eggs for passive mobs, but not hostile mobs. This may be because hostile mobs are still aggressive in creative mode, and this is probably going to be changed.
18. Before 0.7.0, players on fire would see 2 transparent orange panels in front of their face that resembled the water texture from iPhone versions, or the old water in Minecraft.
19. On Kindle Fire, updates won't appear until a long time after the update is released, however, due to the Kindle Fire being based off a modified Android OS, if you hold the current MCPE in your menu, and press "Remove from Device", then you can afterwards download any android MCPE update .apk file, tap on it in a file manager that you can download from the appstore, and install it normally, allowing you to play an update before any other Kindle Fire user, provided you find a .apk of an MCPE update download link on the internet or by transferring it from an Android device to a Kindle Fire, using a computer.
20. Due to the auto-jump feature, if one opens the inventory or pause menu at the same time as jumping or swimming, one can go on auto-pilot and the player would jump, walk and/or swim without any commands. Auto-pilot ends once the pause menu or inventory is closed.
21. In 0.7.3, the moving title screen in the background is copied from the PC Edition of Minecraft

Source: Minecraft Wiki

Features for 0.7.4, 0.8.0, and 0.9.0

Here are some info that i got from Reddit and the Wiki, it's 100% confirmed and true

[Bug Fixes]
1. Armour and health indicators obstruct sign entry dialogue
2. Hitting the back button while in the chest/furnace GUI sends you back to the title screen
3. Moon visible beneath you when at high altitudes
4. Chest animation delay/chest in hand & drop displays as a 2D sprite/chest
5. Cake floats when block it's on is broken
6. Chests randomly shaking
7. Uncraftable quartz related blocks
8. After eating 1 food item, player will proceed to break blocks with food, rather than continue eating
9. Death in creative results in creative inventory being bumped down
10. No moon phases
11. Wooden slab recipe yields only 1 slab
12. Chest lighting glitch, appear very dark
13. Can't type capital W in world name or seed dialogue
14. Crafting table incorrectly counting items in inventory
15. Splash text only changing when restarting app, should change each time you re-enter the menu
16. Crafting table menu doesn't include damaged tools in its tally
17. Top half of door can replace a non-air block
18. You can still live in the void
19. Lava buckets cannot be used as fuel in a furnace
20. When dumping a water bucket, empty bucket goes into inventory... should stay in hotbar
21. Filled buckets are stackable (Since 0.7.1)
22. Collecting milk with a stack of buckets, gives a stack
23. Empty buckets can destroy water blocks (Survival and Creative)
24. Buckets disappear when filled up with water
25. When stacking signs on top of each other, and destroying the bottom one, only one drops as an item. same when placed on wall and block is broken.
26. Buckets not named correctly.
27. Sign letters are erased when you write numbers or exclamation marks
28. Player can eat extra food when moving. extra food goes into an "invisible bank" for hearts.
29. Not hearing chest sounds in LAN
30. When you eat cake, but not all, and reenter this world, cake will be full like just placed.
31. Buckets disappear while picking up water with full inventory
32. Can't place trapdoor on wooden slab
33. Wooden doors open on world load
[New Features]
34. Tool breaking sounds
35. Flint and Steel in Creative mode

1. Powered rails will be always on until redstone is implemented to a greater extent.
2. It is also implied that redstone will be mineable as of 0.8.0.
3. Infinite Worlds
4. Minecarts, and Rails

1. Redstone - that is not to say that redstone will be added with 0.9.1, but that it won't be a priority until after 0.9.0 is released, and it's subsequent bug fixes and all that
2. New Biomes
3. Caves
4. Infinite Worlds (If not on 0.8.0)

-Features with no indicated schedule- (Possibly on v1.0.0 [beta])

1. Smarter/harder hostile mobs
2. Breeding
3. Better lighting
4. More difficulty setting
5. Flint & steel in creative mode - being considered
6. Camera improvements
7. Nether reactor update, will turn the nether reactor output into some kind of super dungeon - PC like nether not on the radar at the moment

Reddit updates

Johan uses Reddit to give out information regarding MCPE. And here's what i've found

~For 0.7.4:

1. On August 17 Johan Said : We will see how quickly we want 0.7.4 to get out to fix a few bugs, we might submit on Friday and then it's a bit tricky. But new cool stuff is in the works.

2. On August 18 Johan Said : we are considering to add flint and steel in creative to 0.7.4

~Other updates (0.8.0 - 0.9.0)

1. On August 17 Johan Said : New biomes and stuff is planned for the 0.9.0 version

2. On August 17 Johan Said : Infinite worlds are currently planned for 0.9.0. We wont simply make worlds infinite, we will also add some stuff but thats in the works.

3. On August 17 Johan Said : We will probably add more difficulty modes.

4. On August 17 Johan Said : Rails in 0.8.0, redstone after 0.9.0, the powered rails will always be powered. You will be able to mine redstone and use it for making powered rails, but it will only be used for making items, you wont be able to place it.

5. On August 17 Johan Said : We hope to add caves in 0.9.0, we will see about dungeons, mine shafts, and villages

0.7.3 Bugs and Glitches

Here are all the bugs and glitches that people reported in 0.7.3

+ Creative inventory glitches out after respawning, all items bumped down quite a bit by empty slots - scroll down to find items

+ If you press back when checking a chest, it takes you to the title screen.

+ A double chest on multiplayer is seen as 2 separate chest from the people joining.

+ Poor grammar on splash text ie. Let Our Battle's Begin

+ Xperia Play creative inventory, the spawn egg of the sheep is hidden because you can't scroll the GUI.

+ Leaving a bed on a survival realm will cause the game to derp out.

+ Circle when breaking block is way too big. http://imgur.com/YettMeg

+ When you go underwater, the item in your hand almost disappears.

+ It takes 3 wood blocks to craft 1 wood plank.

+ Some phones cannot host worlds using local WiFi

+ Phantom chests - appeared randomly, cannot be used or broken, can walk through it and blocks can be placed in it's spot

+ Reset Realm feature not working... it just hangs there, seemingly working on it, waited 30 minutes, nothing.

+ User placed Leaves despawn

+ Whitelist doesn't recognize anyone's names

That's some of the bugs that were reported in 0.7.3. Expect all of these to be fixed on the 0.7.4 update.

Announcement: Saturday Spotlights

Every saturday, i will pick some awesome texture packs and mods, and i'll feature them on this blog every Saturday.

After this, i will start off featuring some awesome texture packs and mods!


LifeBoat Survival Games updated to v4.0

WilliamTDR, known for having created the LBSG, which acts as a bunch of Hunger Games-like servers, only found in Pocket-Mine

All the LBSG servers have been updated to v4.0, which contains the following features

No more breaking/placing blocks.
Players spawn in pods before the game starts.
Spawn box removed.
New, checkered deathmatch arena added.
New dynamic MOTD.
Players are not asked to choose thier class except in the MOTD.
If a player does not choose thier class before the game starts, they are assigned a random free class.
Removed spectating.
Added placement message (e.g: "You have died. You placed 7th out of 24 players.")
New maps (Breeze Island 4, Fortress Pyke, Insanity Cause, Moonlight Lake, SnowBound, Solar Frost, Terewan SG1, and Terewan SG2)
Added better plugin update system.
Added infintite scalability system.
Added proxy connection (one server instead of 68).
Added PocketMine-auto updater.
Better server security.
Added weekly map rotation (automatic).
Improved leaderboard site.
New announcements.
Fixed /getpos and ending coords announcement.
Added /list.
Added /time.
Added /authenticate for moderator login.
Shortened invincibility period to 30 seconds.

Tutorial for Pocket-Mine and how to join Pocket-Mine servers will be posted later.

0.7.3 update changelog

Here is the changelog for 0.7.3:

- Added Sun, Moon, and stars
- Double chest
- Quartz slabs
- Cooler title screen
- Many Realms improvements
- Bug Fixes

Hope you like the new update! The 0.7.3 glitches/bugs will be announced later.

0.7.3 has been released, but will be available to you later

Well, that was quicker than expected. But Johan announced that 0.7.3 has been released by Apple and Google, but it will be available to your mobile devices in a few hours. The Changelog and bugs will be announced in this blog later

Johan Bernhardsson's Twitter

0.7.3 list of features

Johan Bernhardsson listed all of the features that have been set for 0.7.3

Here are the features:

-Ability to reset your realms
-Splash text on Menu Screen
-Sun, Moon, sunset, and stars
-Double chest
-Chests now have an open/close animation and sound
-Quartz Slabs
-Small changes on login/sessions
-Spider's eyes now glow in the dark
-Zombie and Skeleton visually burn in the morning
-Realms connection is now easier
-Dropped support for iOS 4.3 in favor of 5.0
     Bug fixes:
-Many realms fixes
-Fix Login Problem
-MCPE-3988 - Furnace crash bug *SEVERE*
-MCPE-3989 - Inventory bug (throwing items in hand while in a gui)
-MCPE-4122 - Glowing Obsidian can yield resources with an Iron pickaxe, but obsidian can only be mined with a Diamond one
MCPE-4546 - Capital "W" can't be typed when creating world

Tommaso Checchi's Twitter
Johan Bernhardsson's Twitter