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Friday, August 30, 2013

Hello everyone,

I'm helping out Spartan on the blog while he is busy.
A little background about myself: I work on both Minecraft PE Forums and MCPE YouTubers Forums as a staff member, I am an avid contributor to Minecraft Wiki. I do some coding and web design work around a few test projects of mine and other sites. I don't have YouTube or Twitter for my you to look at (just personal use) but I go by Falkirks and Falkirknh so if you see anyone with that username it probably is me :p

In the real world I am hugely obsessed with Shakespeare and have read a lot of his plays (I tried to count but it was no use). I act in a variety of theatre with my school and other stuff. Other than that I love camping, reading and of course MINECRAFT :D

I'm also a world class troll :p

So, if anyone wants to see something new on the blog just comment below and I will try to set it up for you!


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