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0.7.0 has been submitted to Apple!

Mojang has submitted the new update to Apple and we are now waiting for their approval. Please Apple hurry it up!

Before that, Johan tweeted that he will not submit the update due to some issues with the laws and encryption

My YouTube Channel!

Hey guys, if you can tell, i also have a YouTube channel. But i may not be uploading some videos because i have some school matters to take. I may be uploading videos when the next update comes so i'll make a video about what's new in Minecraft - Pocket Edition. Stay tuned, because the update is nearly complete and for us to use for our Minecraft Worlds

My Youtube Channel: www.youtube.com/NOVAgaming51
My Twitter Account: www.twitter.com/novagaming51
My Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Novagaming51/330814820378243?ref=hl

Troubles with iOS 4

In twitter, Johan Bernhardsson asked us if any are us are still running iOS 4.x. Why? what's with iOS 4? Is iOS 4 not compatible with 0.7.0? Guys, please update your iOS version to the latest because there may be some issues with iPhones running iOS 4.x

Johan Bernhardsson's Twitter: www.twitter.com/jbernhardsson
Jens Bergensten's Twitter: www.twitter.com/jeb_
My Twitter: www.twitter.com/novagaming51

About to pass to the App Store and Google Play!!!

Jens Bergensten, who developed for the 0.7.0 update, said that Johan Bernhardsson is doing final touches for the new update, and they will submit it to the Apple App Store and Google Play for approval. He also stated that it might take from 2 days to 2 weeks until Apple and Google to approve the submitted update. Getting there guys!!!

Finalizing 0.7.0!!!

IT IS 0.7.0, not 0.6.2

Johan Bernhardsson tweeted that he is now testing 0.7.0 (the new update). Which means that 0.7.0 development and bug fixing is done. But he is still testing out the new update if there is still any hidden glitches or bugs.


Be ready for the 0.6.2 update!!!

Guys, get your phones and check if their is an update every other day. Because the end of May is approaching and the start of June is nearly there!!!

Here is some reliable sources to keep updated about the new update of Minecraft Pocket Edition

1. Mojang Website - www.mojang.com
2. Johan Bernhardsson's Twitter - www.twitter.com/jbernhardsson
3. JackFrostMiner's Youtube - www.youtube.com/jackfrostminer
4. Minecraft Pocket Edition Forums - www.minecraftpeforum.net
5. My YouTube Account - www.youtube.com/NOVAgaming51

Stay tuned, guys. The update is near!!!

Menus and more menus!

Remember when you had to switch to peaceful and vice versa you had to exit your world and go to the settings menu?

In the next update, we will have more in-game menus such as the login tab, game tab, input tab, and graphics tab

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(iOS only) Multiplayer for Minecraft PE by InnovativeDevs (no jailbreak)

Are you feeling lonely in MCPE? Well fear not, iOS users! InnovativeDevs has came to the rescue!

Multiplayer for Minecraft PE lets you join and host servers all around the world!!! If that's not all, you can even have in-game voice chat to talk with other players in the server! Just type in "Multiplayer for Minecraft PE" and choose the app by InnovativeDevs

Play multiplayer on Wifi and 3G
In-game voice chat
Join and host servers around the world

Still has some bugs
The app costs $2.99

Before installing the app, make sure you're on iOS 6+!

0.6.2 or 0.7.0 features

The new features that are gonna be added in MCPE:

- New GUI style
-Mojang Account sign-in
-Experimental Graphics (Smooth Shading)
-Minecraft Realms
-Global multiplayer
-Improved performance on slower devices

( And probably more features! )

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.6.2 or 0.7.0 release date

We know that Mojang said that the new update for MCPE will come out on the first week of May. Now it is mid-May and we still haven't seen the update! Johan Bernhardsson (the developer of MCPE from Mojang) once said in Twitter that we must expect the release of the update to be in late-May to early-June (probably in mid-June) and Daniel Kaplan posted about the 10 million copies sold article of MCPE at the website of Mojang, it stated that the update will be released in late May due to bug fixes (and probably up to early June because of the approval of Apple's App Store and Google's Google Play. So we expect the update to be released in early June. Will the update be worth it?

Johan Bernhardsson's Twitter - https://twitter.com/jbernhardsson

10 million copies of Minecraft - Pocket Edition sold! -http://mojang.com/2013/04/10-million-copies-of-minecraft-pocket-edition-sold/