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0.7.1 Bugs/Glitches

Even though the bug fix update is here, i still encountered few bugs:

1. D-Pad - The D-Pad was big enough to cover my entire screen. The d-pad size slider is a bit glitchy.
2. Beds - Beds can alternate your spawn point even though you just slept in one of them.
3. Start Menu logo - The "Minecraft Pocket Edition" logo seems to have a darker shade than that of 0.7.0
4. Block IDs - Now even more items have their names incorrect.

Forum thread: http://minecraftpeforum.net/Thread-Minecraft-Pocket-Edition-0-7-1-Bugs-Glitches?pid=6325#pid6325

0.7.0 Bugs

As with every update there are bugs. Here are some of the bugs we've seen so far.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.7.0 bugs

1. Armor GUI - When getting damaged, armor gui gets buggy, and you can't take off your armor
2. Furnace - You can't place fuel in the furnace, and you can't get an item from the furnace.
3. Block IDs - Some items have their IDs incorrect.
4. Mob Audio - Some mobs don't have sound when slain (tested on a chicken)
5. Sensitivity - Sensitivity reverts back to default when logged back into MCPE
6. Passive Mobs - Passive mobs don't normally spawn (I switched from creative to survival)
7. Fire - The upper half of the fire is colored white (Or is it just me?)
8. Hotbar - On the 5th Hotbar there is a green flashing bar
9. Buckets - Buckets are deleted when you make cake ( Proof: Daniel Frisk's Twitter)

Forum Thread: http://minecraftpeforum.net/Thread-Minecraft-Pocket-Edition-0-7-0-Bugs?pid=5892#pid5892

0.7.0 is here!!!

The new update is out!!! Here are the new features:

Version 0.7.0
- Alpha of Realms servers
- Buckets
- Fire
- Smooth lighting
- Spawn eggs
- Chat
- Egg, milk and cake
- Connecting players inventory is now saved on server
- New menus