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Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Biomes[8]
Mesa biome (also known as Clay Canyon or "Disco Mountains"[9])
Composed of multiple colored hardened clay.
Dead bushes spawn in this biome.
Redwood Forest biome.[10]
Contains 2x2 Spruce trees.
Is shown as Mega Taiga in F3
Has a grass block variant known as Podzol.[11][12]
Currently obtained only by the silk touch enchantment.[13]
Contains dirt blocks that do not allow grass to grow.
They have a data value of 1.
Only obtainable with /give because there is no visual difference.[14][15]
Moss Stone "boulders" are scattered around in this biome.
Dead Bushes, Mushrooms, and Ferns spawn in this biome.
Stone Beach Biome
Ice Spikes Biome
Also known as Ice Spike Plains
Contain giant ice spires similar to upside down icicles made of Packed Ice
Cliff technical biome.[16]
Main block is stone.
Like Steep hills, not completely vertical.
Savannah biome[17]
Curved Acacia-like Trees
Generates Savanna Plateau (which have mountains) and Savanna M (which has all grass replaced with the altered dirt that prevents grass growth) technical biomes
Along with plains, the savannah is one of the two biomes where horses now spawn naturally.
NPC Villages may generate in savannah biomes
Roofed Forest Biome (Black Forest biome)
Has dark grass and giant mushrooms with 2 by 2 spruce trees.[17]
Has extremely dense trees and leaves; dark and dangerous under the canopy even during the day.
Monsters will most likely be able to spawn during the day and the night.
This is the first biome aside from the Mushroom Island that naturally spawns with giant mushrooms.
Birch Forest biome.[17]
Sunflower Plains Biome
Exactly the same as Plains, but can spawn Sunflowers
Flower Forest Biome
Forest variant with several of the new flowers.
Deep Ocean Biome
Is about ten blocks deeper than normal oceans, the maximum depth is in the low 30s
Ocean and Deep Ocean are now floored with gravel instead of sand.
Extreme Hills+ Biome
Contains spruce trees
Possibly new generated structures.[17]
Sprinting in Creative mode using the sprint key (default key is LCTRL)[18]
New AMPLIFIED world type.
Requires powerful computer to run.
Mountains in this world type can reach up to Y: 256.
Gravel beaches
Melons now generate in Jungles
Rivers have gravel patches and the Ocean bottom is covered with it
Changes to oceans[19][20][21]
Oceans are smaller and take up much less of the map[8]
Oceans appear to have an all gravel floor now
Changes to Swampland
Grass is greener and fluctuates more in color, depending on biome temperature.
In shallower parts, the coast is covered in staggered dirt blocks.
Biomes have been put into four main categories[8]
Biomes will attempt to avoid getting placed next to a biome that is too different to itself[8]
Most biomes have uncommon/rare variations[8]
Alternate taiga variation without snow
Extreme Hills+ variation that has spruce trees[22]
New technical biomes coded as Savanna M, Desert M, Roofed Forest M or Extreme Hills+ M, the "M" stands for mountain
Snow now generates depending on Y level, with noise variation[23]
Biome dependent[24]
Improved fishing
Changes to fishing mechanics[25][26][27][28][29]
More rewards: some good, some bad
Treasure: 7 items total, including enchanted fishing rods, enchanted bow, enchanted books, name tags, tripwire hook, lilypads, saddles
Junk: 11 items total, including damaged fishing rods, Water Bottles, rotten flesh, string, leather, bowl, sticks, boots or damaged boots[30]
New enchantments for Fishing Rods that can change your luck when fishing.
Lure - increases chance of catching fish
Luck of the Sea - increases chance of getting treasure
New fish
Will poison you, give you nausea, and give you hunger if eaten[32]
Used to brew a water breathing potion[33]
Raw Salmon
Can be cooked and eaten
New particle effects
Fishing now has many different particle effects[30]
Bubbles will show up moving towards your bobber just before you have something on your hook. This has the appearance of a fish swimming towards the hook.
Falling now has particle effects[34]
Particle size depends on distance fell
Rewrite of the the achievements and statistics system[35]
Now ties in with the scoreboard system - added 744 new objective criteria that were previously tracked with statistics and achievements
Are now per world/server[36]
Achievements screen can now be zoomed in and out using the mouse wheel.
Achievements don't appear on the achievements screen if more than five achievements need to be achieved first (i.e. "DIAMONDS!" doesn't appear until "Getting Wood" is achieved).
Data for an block, item, or mob doesn't appear in their respective tab in the Statistics screen unless the player has crafted/placed/mined that block, crafted/used/depleted that item, or killed/was killed by that mob.
New achievements: Repopulation, Adventuring Time, The Beginning?, The Beginning., and Beaconator
New statistics: Distance by Horse, Junk Fished, and Treasure Fished
New scoreboard functions[37][38][39][40]
Can now use statistics to create objectives; anything that statistics can track can be used as an objective (can also track achievements)
This is the reason why statistics/achievements were changed to be stored per world/server
The /give command can now give items to players with custom names and lore[41]
It can also give enchanted items.
Example: /give {display:{Name:"",Lore:["",""]},ench:[0:{id: ,lvl: }]}
It can also give items with custom NBT tags, such as SkullOwner to obtain the Head of a specific player
This removes the necessity to use an NBT editing program to obtain these items.
Command blocks now show what command it ran recently.
The /time set day command now sets the time to 1000 instead of 0
Increased fog distance
Weighted Pressure Plates now output a signal relative to the amount of entities on them, always starting at 1 signal strength if any entities are present
For Light Weighted Pressure Plates, every entity adds 1 strength to the signal
For Heavy Weighted Pressure Plates, starting at 1, every 10 entities adds 1 strength to the signal (Example: 11 entities increases signal strength to 2)
New ground covers
New grass variation
Grass can't spread on it, doesn't spread on to dirt
Can be harvested using Silk Touch tools
Only found in Redwood Forest Biomes
Grassless Dirt
Grass can not grow on it
Block ID is 3:1
Only obtainable through /give
Packed Ice
When broken, does not turn to water like normal ice blocks do
Does not melt
Opaque, rather than translucent like normal ice
New Flowers
Red, Orange, White and Pink Tulips.[42]
Can be crafted to Red, Orange, Light Gray, and Pink Dyes, respectively
Blue Orchid
Can be crafted to Light Blue Dye
Can be crafted to Magenta Dye
Azure Bluet
Can be crafted to Light Gray Dye
Oxeye Daisy
Can be crafted to Light Gray Dye
Poppy replaced Rose
Two blocks tall Flowers
Applying bonemeal to them causes them to dispense a flower item that can be collected. Therefore, all two blocks tall flowers are renewable.
Typically face East[44]
Can be grown, unlike Roses and Dandelions. [44]
Can be crafted into 2 Yellow Dye
Pink Peonies, called Peony.[42]
Can be crafted into 2 Pink Dye
Rose bush
Can be crafted into 2 Red Dye
Can be crafted into 2 Magenta Dye
Two block tall grass.[45][46][47]
Double Tallgrass
Can be made by applying Bonemeal to Tallgrass.
Large Fern
Can be made by applying Bonemeal to Fern.
3 new variants of Monster Egg
Mossy Stone Brick, Cracked Stone Brick and Chiseled Stone Brick
Written Books can now be cloned the same way maps can, but by using Book and Quills instead of Empty Maps. [48]
Can clone multiple copies of the same Written Book by putting more Book and Quills in the crafting grid.[49]
Item Frames
Now drop the item inside them when punched, then drop themselves if they are punched when empty. [50]
Will display the name of the item they hold (if it is custom named) when looked at up close.[51]
Sugar Cane texture changed slightly, also changes depending on biome
New /summon command to spawn entities
Usage: /summon [x] [y] [z] [dataTag]
The ability to select multiple resource packs at once.[52][53]
Resource packs at the top take precedence over those below.[54]
Allows for non-manual merging of textures from multiple packs, a sound pack and a different texture pack, etc.[55]
Flint and Steel is now a shapeless recipe.
A Creeper will explode after igniting it with a flint and steel.
Several lighting issues fixed.
A lot fewer "black spots" in the terrain generator.[56]
Torch bugs in strongholds and mineshafts have been fixed.[57][58]
Rewrite of several option screens.[59]
A completely new options menu.[60]
A new "Select Resource Pack" menu.[52]
Rewrote Key Config.[61]
Function and sprint keys can be changed.
By default, sprinting can be activated by holding down the left control key
The original sprinting controls (double-tap forward or double-tap backward while holding down forward) still function.
Smooth mouse, formerly available by pressing F8, will now use F4 by default.
The volume of in game music, Jukebox and Note Block music, hostile mobs, passive mobs, players, weather, blocks/environment, and the master volume can now all be modified separately.[62]
Changed the display item for the Decoration Blocks tab in the Creative mode inventory from the Rose to the new Peony flower.[63]
Tall grass, ferns, double tall grass, and large ferns display their coloring from foliage.png
Flowers will now burn.
Iron Golems now drop poppies instead of roses.
Dead Bushes can now be placed on Hardened Clay and Stained Clay.
Bug fixes:
MC-2915 – Attempting to tp to an invalid coordinate returns "commands.generic.double.invalid"
MC-9547 – Incorrect usage string for `/scoreboard teams empty`
MC-10257 – when a pig gets struck by lightning it spawns without a sword
MC-11280 – Sometimes Water flows out of newly generated Village Farms
MC-11518 – RCON and Scoreboard Command Output Formatting
MC-12450 – Missing usage string commands.scoreboard.players.list.usage
MC-12452 – Scoreboard team join command fails on invalid team name
MC-12454 – Scoreboard option seeFriendlyInvisibles not listed in usage
MC-12541 – the letters for the 'off' setting on smooth lighting aren't capitalized
MC-16324 – "Reached end of stream" messages in Minecraft server terminal when client pings the server
MC-17090 – Invalid teamcolors throw an NPE in the console rather than an error message "invalid color"
MC-26608 – /spreadplayers confirmation text is wrong

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