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Sunday, September 22, 2013


-Red rose, no more ugly cyan flower!
-New gravel!
-New darker tree leaves
-New brighter grass
-Transparent ice
-Iron door FIXED
-No buggy textures!
-New updates COMMING SOON

-Added Lapis/Charcoal some grass fixes-> Note sure working or no!
-Download Link added to the Topic!
-PC Food/stuff like that (Bread, steak, porkchops, apples, supported
- Problem with my Minecraft/PocketTool can not install the Texture Pack
-New grass type
-Leather Armor

Download: http://adf.ly/UaFF4

Texture Pack Porter: OMFGSky from the Minecraft Forums

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  1. This texture pack can also be a great alternative to the default texture pack.


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